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Zeefass Aviation Services Limited understands that corporate aircraft are valuable assets that need to be wisely and efficiently managed. Our company offers management services that provide owners with professional, turnkey guidance to guarantee a successful ownership experience. It’s designed to allow owner control without the day-to-day responsibility associated with aircraft ownership. From operations to maintenance arrangements, from crew selection to training and dispatch, Zeefass Aviation Services Limited handles the operational and administrative details. Whatever you need—be it a special arrangement, unusual schedule, ground transportation, international handling or landing permits our team will manage it. To keep you abreast, Zeefass Aviation Services supplies comprehensive management statements itemizing aircraft utilization, expenditures and charter revenues. We offer various levels of programs, ranging from all-inclusive management to customized management that allows you to choose the features and benefits that suit your unique requirements.


MANAGEMENT Entering an aircraft management agreement with Zeefass Aviation Services Limited affords you immediate utilization of a full-service flight department. All aspects of aircraft operation and administration are contained in the management agreement, including Nigerian Civil Aviation Authorities documentation, Ground Handling, crew selection and training, flight scheduling, dispatch, flight following, ramp coordination, charter sales and accounting. We also offer additional fee services, such as, consultation, aircraft leasing, pre-purchase inspections and marketing of previously owned aircraft. We know what it takes to manage an aircraft, and our program has achieved an excellent reputation for reducing your operating costs while relieving you of the rigors of managing an aircraft. Each month, you’ll receive a management statement detailing all aircraft activity, incurred costs and charter revenue. Our operations, maintenance and accounting managers will work with you one-on-one to answer any questions that arise and ensure your complete understanding of the management statement. The comprehensive monthly report will also include copies of all invoices related to the aircraft.


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