Aircraft Handling

At Zeefass, we believe ground handling excellence is critical. We can arrange handling in the most diverse locations anywhere around the globe. We offer reliable on-demand ground handling with speed, efficiency and accuracy. After years in service, we established an extensive handling network. Our experienced team is able to consult with you on the best options for your flight.

Clearances and Permits

Our dedicated operations team are experts in complex international aviation regulations and always ready to assist you with their wealth of knowledge and global coverage. Every country has its own set of ruls, regulations and procedures for granting permits to flights desirous of landing or even entering their air space. The permit application procedures requires complete flight information and important documents along with several other formalities which is why we made sure that our team is made up of experienced, dynamic, active professionals capable of securing all required permits in a fast and efficient way. Over the years, Zeefass Flight Support has established crucial relations with the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) across the globe. This allows us to offer shortest turnaround time in seeking the necessary permits and flight clearances. Zeefass looks after airspace clearance for a wide range of flights, from commercial airlines to VIP flight oerators and emergency aviation.  


Other Services we provide

  • 24 hours worldwide travel assistance

Flight Planning

Flight planning services are conducted with the use of a variety of packages, depending on the customer's requirements. To provide additional flexibility, flight planning services are offered either on a per flight basis or based on a fixed fee per month for unlimited flight planning services. Having an expert team provide an in-depth consultation for your journey, rapidly analyzing all the necessary parameters, such as air traffic, airspace's and aircraft performance data and making the best judgments to serve your mission, mean you have the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the journey.

Juet Fuel

Zeefass fuel department was established to complement the company's ground handling services and to demonstrate Zeefass commitment to become a 'one-stop shop' for its valued customers. Fuel sales today is one of Zeefass core offerings, it has become our top and ultimate priority to make sure you get the most out of our services. We are committed to sharing our client's goal of securing the best price and service in today's volatile fuel market. We achieve this by constantly monitoring world market conditions, negotiating with global, national, and local suppliers.

Charter Flight

Zeefass charters extended its portfolio of services with the introduction of a dedicated private jet charter department with a team accumulating tens of years of experience. Zeefass charters offers aircraft charter in all size categories to meet your every requirement. Zeefass endeavor to match your requirements to the right aircraft, and the right service levels are on hand. Expect outstanding air charter service, from our dedicated professional charter team topped-up with promptness and competitive pricing. right service levels are on hand.

Providing first class international trip support services worldwide.

Our team is available around the clock. We are your aviation services provider one stop shop. Simply contact us and our experienced operations team will get back to you in minutes with the best offering that suits your needs.

Also, we provide free advisory to our customers.